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the sweet exchange

The Sweet Exchange Miami is the vision of the owner of Sweet Jalane’s and the Founder of Defense Tea, Sherronda Daye. Daye curates culinary experience centered around social issues. The Sweet Exchange Miami is all about celebrating good drinks, great food and even better people. Daye does this through a series of events catering to supreme confections by creating lasting memories for event guests to experience the brand first hand.

Good Drinks

The Sweet Exchange Miami offers a variety of good drinks, inclusive of our All Natural Teas from our sister company Defense Tea, along with other locally sourced and hand-brewed beverages. We provide an eclectic combination of juices and drinks that is sure to quench the thirst of every pallet in the room.

Great Food

The Sweet Exchange Miami is all about great food, from brunches to family style dinners, to feeding our community, all from our secret family recipes to well known traditional dishes. Hailing from Louisiana, owner Sherronda Daye is a southern belle who embraces cuisines and cooking styles from all over the globe.

Better People

Nothing brings people together like good drinks and great food. It’s the perfect recipe for being better, thinking better and feeling better. It’s the people for us ! So, thank you for rocking with The Sweet Exchange Miami.

meet the owner

What’s Cookin’ with Sherronda

Sherronda Daye is the owner and chief baker of Sweet Jalane’s, a dessert catering business serving Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. The business was launched in 2012 after transitioning from a high-profile government job into the entrepreneurial arena. Sweet Jalane’s provides professional dessert catering to clients through the use of high-quality, locally sourced ingredients, inventive recipes, and world-class service. Sweet Jalane’s specializes in private social and corporate events. The clientele served by Sweet Jalane’s include professional athletes, world class wedding/event planners, local cruise lines and non-profit organizations. Some of Sherronda’s featured clients are the Honey Shine organization (headed by Tracy Mourning); the Alonzo Mourning Foundation; Jazz in the Gardens Music Festival (conducted by the city of Miami Gardens, Florida), several players from the National Basketball Association, Hard Rock Stadium and BB&T Center. In addition, Daye is the Owner of Defense Tea and the Founder of the Sweet Exchange Miami.

Culinary Entrepreneur | Event Curator | Defense Tea Owner | Speaker

Sherronda Daye

What we each carry inside, was not given to us for our own consumption, but it is given so that we can feed, clothe , help and make someone’s life sweeter…one bite at a time.”

Good Drinks

Annual Tea Party

The Annual Defense Tea tea party is where guests come together to sip and spill the tea on social, culture and community related topics. Customary to her sweet exchange nature, Owner Sherronda Daye provides tea samples, giveaways and authentic conversation.

Great Food

Drive-Thru Dinners

The Sweet Exchange Miami hosts Drive-Thru dinners around the holidays providing free meals for the community. The drive-thru is a collective of chefs and industry people coming together to provide nourishment for bodies and
souls. The drive-thru is an experience like no other with good vibes and live music. Load up the family, drive-thru, and eat well ! We are safe, physically distanced but socially active.

Better people

Culinary Entrepreneur

Award winning, veteran culinary entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in feeding her community, Sherronda Daye is setting the standard for culinary enterprises. Recognized as a leader by Channel 10, CitiBank, and Florida International University, Daye is on the rise and taking her community with her. Her book, Bake Through It, is set to release Spring 2021 and promises to be another sweet exchange between Daye and the community she serves.